Rocky Mountains

Powder River Basin

Our acreage position in the Powder River Basin consists of over 90,000 net acres largely in Niobrara and Weston counties in Wyoming. The Power River Basin is one of the key oil and natural gas-producing basins located in the Rocky Mountain states of Wyoming and Montana. Our acreage is located in the southeastern portion of the Powder River Basin, specifically northwestern Niobrara County and southern Weston County. Based on our geologic evaluation, we believe the organically rich, Cretaceous age Mowry Shale could be the source rock for production from several oil-prone formations, including the Turner Sandstone and the Muddy Sandstone. We believe the Mowry Shale and Muddy Sandstone sequence is a prospective oil resource play on our acreage as it has been shown to be productive in offsetting vertical wells, is present in acceptable thickness based on nearby well control, appears to have natural fracturing and is a good candidate for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracture stimulation.


Rocky Mountains

Net Acreage(1)

(1) As of Aug 25, 2015